Sunday, 25 January 2015

Story: We Meet Again...

Even though The Wanted had now split up, Max George didn’t think he would ever hate anyone as much as One Direction, especially cocky Zayn Malik. Zayn had become a very vocal young man on Twitter and his feud with Max had attracted a great deal of attention. Although it had died down, it was about to get ramped up a gear. Max decided this irritant needed taking down a peg or two. He decided now, just when Zayn thought he was safe, was the perfect time to exact his revenge.

Unfortunately for Max, he was no saint himself and also deserved to have some karma thrown in his direction. Whilst Max’s former bandmates wanted to see Zayn get his just desserts, they also liked the idea of Max suffering too. As such, both young men were invited to an abandoned warehouse in their best designer gear. They were very confused when they rolled up and were livid to see the other person there and couldn’t resist making digs at one another. They were so concerned with their petty feud that they did not realise they were walking into a trap until it was too late and they both plummeted down a trapdoor in the warehouse.

They plunged into a huge vat of custard which immediately wrecked their suave images and left them flailing around in the gloop. As Zayn writhed around, one of his loose flip flops was lost, meaning his left bare foot was fully exposed. The two of them clambered out and Zayn screamed at Max, believing this to be his doing. Clocking a nearby mirror, Zayn began adjusting his hair to try and get his famed hairstyle back to its former glory, with mixed results since it was so ridden with custard.

Max’s white shirt was covered in stains and he was furious with Zayn. He went to grab him but plummeted through another trapdoor and landing with a thud in a baking tray. Zayn noticed some controls nearby and realised he could have some fun and so took a seat, pressing a button which unleashed eggs, milk, flour and other gloop all over a helpless Max until the baking tray was almost full.

Max was nothing more than a blob of goo now. The gloop seeped everywhere and his hair was sticking out all over the place. Every time he tried to stand, he slid over and plunged into the slop again. He let out an enraged scream at Zayn as the cocky boyband member pressed a button labelled ‘Whisk’.

Max stared in horror as a huge mechanical whisk dropped into the dense baking tray and began whirring him about. He went flying, comically whacking his head on the side of the tray whilst being covered in a fresh layer of gloop. His stinky loafers went flying in all directions, leaving him just in his cheesy bare feet, whilst his hair was tattier than ever. By the end of it, the heartthrob was dazed, confused and incredibly messy.

Now the sludgy cake batter was ready, it was time for Max to go in the oven. Zayn whacked up the temperature so the sludge congealed around his rival. His clothes were not able to withstand the heat so disintegrated partially into rags, so that Max resembled a peasant. Finally, he was wheeled out and lifted up so Zayn could get a look at him. Max managed to prise himself out of the main body of the batter but was still caked in the stuff from his head to his stinky toes.

As Zayn cockily laughed, Max shoved a cream pie in his face and tackled him into a pair of foot stocks. He discarded his remaining flip flop and took out a father, manically tickling Zayn with it so he squealed and shrieked like a girl. Even before he tickled them, Max could see the sweat pouring of Zayn’s feet and mocked him for it, saying he obviously didn’t take care of himself very well in that department. Zayn spat back that Max’s were no better.

‘Let’s put that to the test, shall we?’ said Max who, despite being ashamed of his stinky feet, was keen to use them as a weapon. He shoved his cheesy feet in Zayn’s face and watched as the young man looked as though he would throw up, belching and retching from the cheesy stench. He had never smelt anything so rancid in all his life.

As Zayn recovered from this, Max decided to mess him up some more. He started by emptying a bucket of blue paint over his head before following this with treacle, molasses and cream. Zayn’s precious hair took the brunt of the punishment and Zayn’s heart was racing as he contemplated whether or not his precious locks would be salvageable. He convinced himself that they would. He loved his hair more than anything or anyone in the world and couldn’t imagine his life without them. Max saw his concern and laughed before rubbing the gloop deeper into Zayn’s hair.

Max then made a foolish mistake by deciding Zayn had learnt his lesson and releasing him, telling him to go home and get cleaned up, but Zayn was seeing red now – nobody messed with his hair! He lunged at Max and they both tumbled into a vat of oatmeal, which engulfed them from head to toe. Max battled to get out but Zayn yanked his boxers up into a painful wedgie before smashing two pies into his face like a sandwich.

Max managed to scramble out but Zayn was hot on his heels and soon cornered his rival and threw a bucket of snotty gunge over him before dunking his head into a vat of stinky cheese fondue, which Zayn remarked at least smelt more pleasant than Max’s horrific feet. Max responded by grabbing the nearest pie and smashing it into Zayn’s face, though it just happened to be a manure pie which repulsed Zayn.

As Zayn gagged (not for the first time that day), Max chucked two buckets of gunge over him before pushing him backwards into a vat of molasses. As Zayn struggled to get to the surface, Max found exactly what he was looking for: a nearby hair shaver. It was time to get the ultimate revenge on this arrogant little diva.

Zayn managed to haul himself out of the vat, only to immediately be met by Max who dragged him over to a barber’s chair. Before Zayn knew what was going on, a shaver was plunged into his precious locks. All the pleading and blubbering in the world wasn’t going to stop Max exacting his revenge as he lopped off Zayn’s fringe off in an instant before zooming the shaver round to rid him of everything else until he had a thuggish buzz cut.

As Zayn cried and wailed, Max was not content with this and so used shaving cream and a razor to remove any trace of Zayn’s hair before rubbing it with a towel until he had a squeaky clean, bald head – a clear juxtaposition to the rest of the messy young man. Zayn had now lost his greatest asset – it couldn’t have gone much worse for him.

Both young men had had a hard time but it seemed Max had won Round 1. It didn’t seem likely that a blubbering Zayn would let his rival get away with this though. It seemed this feud was still to be continued...

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Shortcut Mess Up

Fall was coming to an end and Channing Tatum and Zach Efron were on their way back to the city after shooting in the country area. Channing checked his GPS and pulled to the left. After a few miles in, the car stopped moving. Zach stepped outside in his flip flops. He stuck a hand up into the air and soon enough it was raining. His flip flops stuck slightly in the shallow mud. They put on rain jackets and designer wellies and hopped into the mud.

Channing opened his cell phone in front of a bush. Channing turned around and told Zach "the tow truck should be here in a hour." But as he spoke those words he dropped his phone into the bushes. Zach and Channing searched in the bushes, Zach thought he found the phone and reached furthur in, he leaned so far that he had to grabbed Channing`s pant Leg to keep from falling over, this did not work out for him. You see there was a hill on the other side and as Zach reached forward enough his wellies could not hold on to the ground. They both fell down the muddy slope face first, landing in, yet more mud. Channing brushed the mud off his dress shirt and Zach stood up to a field covered in the dark mud. Zach took two steps forward and tripped over something, as he fell he stomped something, something metallic. Channing looked at the ground and exclaimed in surprise: "MY PHONE!'

Meanwhile it was getting worse for Zach, as he got up his hat had been flung into the swampy water and his jacket was caught in brambles, the more he pulled the more it ripped. Finally it came loose, the part Zach was holding came off of the actual leather jacket , the jacket fluttered to the ground. Channing laughed, not knowing karma was going to sucker punch him. Channing went first across across a very unstable log, the log started rolling, Channing could barely keep up with it, then a branch came and slapped him right in the thigh. Writhing in pain Channing lost the pace and tripped over his wellies, falling back first into a pool of mud. He came up his gelled haired was now flat and dropping with mud. He climbed out to two unnerving things, First, his wellie had developed a crack and his sock was coated in mud, the squelch between his socks and his boots were a little disgusting, second the branch had torn off the material off the seat of his trousers and the rest of the material was coming unstiched.

They were walking to the end of the swamp forest, they reached a small hole in the ground and sauntered forward expecting the best, oh how wrong they were. As soon as Zach stepped forward his Yellow wellies sank into the mud, Channing's wellies. They both hugged each other not wanting to sink furthur, Channing's blazer gave them the chance to escape. Wearing only pants and boots they headed towards a construction site. More stickiness waited there for them.


Channing and Zach marched to the construction site, they reached the construction site. Just beyond the gates they found Taylor lautner, he was standing barefoot in the wet mud, his greeen wellies were covered in mud. They grabbed onto the fence and clambered up and over, Zach and Channing went over quickly, but Taylor's foot was caught in the fence and he went over backwards, his shirt ripped when it was caught on a wire. There was nothing in the construction site so they tried to get back over the fence, Taylor went to the top,Zach and Channing were waiting at the bottem, then his foot slipped on the soaking rungs, then he fell backwards onto them.

They frantically tried to find a way out, seeing one behind some pipes they laid on their chests and tried to squeeze in, Channing shed his wellies and words his leather dress shoes, while Zach wore his flip flops, as they were at the end of the pipes they turned round to crawlon their backs. Zach came out first, Taylor second and Channing third. They all fell face first. Zach opened his eyes to both Taylor and Channing coated in Tar. Zach frantically tried to sit up but his tight butt was glued to the ground he tried to push it upbut instead his hands sunk in till his elbows and his flip flops sank without his feet. Channing tried to Pedal in the mud, but by doing so he went deeper and deeper, arriving at his crotch, soon he was met with one of the most unpleast feelings, all the tar had started pouring into his pants, coating his boxers in the gloops, sticking his pants to his legs, the worst had happened to Taylor: his soles were coated in the black goop already, then he decided to stand up and grab on something but the tar went over his toes, coating them.

Taylor's feet were squelching as they tried to escape, just then the worst happened, he hadn't rolled up his pants so the tar grabbed onto the ends of them, pulling them down, and soon enough they were at his sticky ankles. The 3 huddled together and using the already glued Zack, Taylor was able to pull Channing up and out of the tar and onto a ledge, he then outstretched his arms and the 2 were also able to escape. With their footwear lost and their pants torn off they tried to look for another way out, this time the exit was much easier, Ipit was right across a pool, they were determined to get across, the each wore only their wellies and underwear they ran across the pool. Channing tripped on his wellies and fell cheesy first, Zack was the next victim and finally Taylor.

The 3 turned around to look at what they were standing in, wet concrete! They had 2 options run with the boots or continue barefoot, they decided to go for the boots rather then to get their feet dirty, the planted their feet into the wellies and ran, with each step they went farthur in. Soon it passed their waist bands, both their boots and underwear filling with concrete. They clambered out of the pool, exhausted and wet, they removed their boots to find something shocking, the concrete that filled their wellies had started to dry. They threw off their wellies. They opened the gate in sucession. Only thing seperating them from their final destination was a field. Taking a single step into the field they learned that looks can be deciveing, the 3 sunk in unison, and soon they fell until their necks, they tried walking getting out but their was nothing to grab onto, so they continued forward in the tar like mud.

The 3 trudged towards the end of the muddy trench. There they found Robin thicke and Justin timber lake. They were holding their luggage in hand however they were barefoot and shirtless, their boots stuck in a patch of swampy mud and their shirts were tied to a tree. They had luggage in their hands, so the pants less men took some pants from them. When they tried to take some shirts but karma struck again, as the wet mud swept the luggage into the water. Now the 5 celebs only wore jeans, rocking bare feet and bare chests like heart throb pros.

They made their way back into the forest, trudgeing hard and slow to make sure they wouldn't slip. Taylor tread carefully, but this failed on him, the thick mud grabbed onto his foot, not noticing this the rest of his party strutted into the goop, and once they were there they were stuck. It stuck to both their feet, when Taylor took his first step his feet wouldn't budge, he tried lifting his feet but they kept snapping back down, harder and furthur into the mud, was there any escape!? There was, but sadly for them it was messy, because with all the struggling caused the super wet mud to collapse and slide down a nearby hill. They slid on their butts, landing in a pool of muddy water. They all surfaced to a rather unsettleing rip, the rip of pants.

They came out of the water, the slide down the mountain had torn near every part of their pants and underwear. They shed both pieces of clothing, deciding that this once they would bear it all. They finally came to the hill that Zach and Channing fell from, so they took a path to the left. They first trudged through a large mound of manure, which stuck to their soles. Then they went through a basin filled with more goop, which also felt familiar. They reached the car, Zack, Robin and Justin got in the back, and Taylor got in the front, Channing buckled himself up. Channing placed his sticky feet on the pedals, his seat belt over his crotch and his hand on the clutch. They drove a few miles, the entire back row had fallen asleep, their feet in a pile.

Suddenly the car started skidding on the road, if went over a cliff, everyone screamed until they landed. Landing in a lake of pure mud they started sinking. Robin opened his door and mud started pileing in, he tried to climb out but his feet were glued, no matter how much he pulled he was stuck, the glue sqelching between his toes. Then they realized, the goop they walked through was tar, yet again. The door was now jammed and wouldn't close.

Second after second they were coated in more sludge. They emerged out of the car, just barely, covered in mud, their sexy feature smothered in the paste. Justin tried peeling the mud off of his legs but it wouldn't budge, and neither would they. The mud was like glue,'clinging to their naked bodies. They were Truly naked and afraid.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Summer Sliming

It was a week ago on the sunny beaches of LA and the 5 male models were getting ready for a beach suit. A blooming paparazzi wandered into the tent and into the costume area. She wandered around until she found a figure moving about, suspecting him to be the person who was to him her the interview, she apperead behind him and tapped on his shoulder. The man turned around and something brushed against her leg and suddenly realizing what this was. She screamed and ran, this was Jeremy young! As she ran her camera took some rather "revealing" pictures of the group of male models. She ran to her apartment and shut her door behind her, pant for breath and then reviewed her taken pictures.

Later that day: the models decided that they had all decided that since naked and varying size parts had been taken, they had to get that camera back.. they plopped on black clothes, black turtlenecks or black tank tops and some black wellies, they were ready. They were able to climb up the fire escape, where they met a preperation gunge. A family's two children had been playing with muddy water and some foam, and to finish this without being caught they had to quickly dump it over the side of the building.The 5 models just got a wash. The floor was so slippery they could hardly keep from falling over, the boots made a constant squelch, so loud that they scared a few of the neighboring birds. They reached the top and all climbed in an open window.

Meanwhile: the photo grapher girl baked furiously. She put down a large container of what seemed to be gummy bears and honey, cooked to the point where they were a sticky glob of sugar and sweetening. You see her work place was having an April fools party and her prank was to host a pie eating contest upon finishing the pie, the sweet adhesive would have the pie stuck to the competitor's face! Genius. She finally finished these pies and put all of them on her kitchen counter, she put her large left over adhesive in a basin on the floor. She then left to the living room to watch a movie.

The would be bandits came into the kitchen to find the basin, they looked around but didn't find their treasure, Jeremy turned round and took the first step, the first step into the makeshift glue, being the only one wearing flip flops he struggled as hard as he could, the toe strap snapped and he thought he was free, he ran as hard As he could, but failed, as he put his foot down the basin snapped, cracking it in two and allowing the ooze to spread out to a point where it covered Everyone's unsespecting feet. Their boots squelched in the mess as they all tried to escape it's gooey and warm clutches. Suddenly the photographer walked in, surprised at this large mess and this felony, she decided for a little messy crime and punishment. To be continued! Take suggestions, either help me name the re of the models or tell me how and what you want on them. This is absolute war. A sticky one at that.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Golden Gunging

This evening was the night of the inaugural Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards in Britain, held in a glitzy ceremony in London celebrating the achievements of Britain’s biggest sports stars. After a successful maiden awards ceremony in Los Angeles, USA, the show had finally reached the shores of the UK. In the US version of the show, Britain’s biggest footballing superstar David Beckham had got slimed in gold gunge, along with his two sons. Which sports superstar was going to be victim of the dreaded slime tonight?
Though it was the younger generation who voted for their favourite sports stars at home, at the ceremony it was adults only, despite the title. The cream of British sporting celebrity had congregated on the red carpet, attending the glitzy bash. For Sir Chris Hoy, this was the latest in a long line of awards ceremonies he attended over the years during his time as a track cycling king. He went to the BAFTAs, the National Television Awards and BBC Sports Personality of the Year in the past. Little did he realise that the latest awards show he was attending, had an extra special surprise for him in store. And let’s just say it was more than just an award…
The presenters of the bash, Holly Willoughby and Dermot O’Leary, having presented six other awards to athletes throughout the evening, had now got round to presenting the ‘Legend’ award -  the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards equivalent of a lifetime achievement award.
Opening the gold envelope, Holly announced: ‘And the winner of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Legend award goes to superstar Sir Chris Hoy!’
Chris was elated. He walked onto the stage with pride, wearing a smart grey kilt outfit which he often wore for special occasions. He looked immaculate and smart. But not for long….
‘Chris, would you like to say a few words?’ asked Dermot, the presenter.
In his soft Scottish accent, Chris began: ‘First of all, I would love to thank all of Britain’s children for voting for me. Your support and this award means so much to me. The gold rush of London 2012…’
But his speech was abruptly cut short, when, without warning, fountains of gold gunge flowed out from the studio floor, completely covering Chris’ legs, working its way up his kilt. The slime felt horrible and squishy. Like a True Scotsman, Chris wasn’t wearing his underpants tonight. He winced in embarrassment as the gunge made its way through every crevice of his body. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Before he had time to react, more gold gunge rained down on him from the ceiling, completely caking his blonde hair and face and going all over his grey jacket, tie and waistcoat combo to match his kilt. His kilt outfit had gone from grey tartan to a mucky golden mess.
But his gungey humiliation didn’t end there. Two masked men aimed cannons which fired even more gold gunge at Chris, hitting his face and body in an instant. The presenters then added more humiliation to poor Chris by pouring more buckets of gold gunge on top of his head. Then, Holly activated a button, causing Chris to fall beneath a concealed trapdoor in the studio floor into a big swimming pool filled with gunge, like the one featured in Get Your Own Back. ‘Gold gunge for a gold medal-winning athlete!’ she cackled. Now, Chris was literally drowning in gold gunge. This was a nightmare. After being submerged for a few seconds, he resurfaced again, resembling an Oscar statuette. He smoothed back his gunge-covered hair and wiped away the gunge from his face, spitting the gunge out as he climbed out of the gunge pool and up the ladder back onto the stage.
By now, his kilt outfit was beyond a good wash with Ariel and was totally ruined. His hair was beyond salvation, having been caked in tons of gunge, and so Dermot pulled out a pair of clippers and cut off his damaged hair, leaving him bald and still soaked in gunge, with Chris crying and burying his head in embarrassment. He always expected a golden finish to everything. Unfortunately, not like this. The first gunge casualty of the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards UK 2015 after David Beckham and his boys suffered the same fate in LA. The price you pay for a gold rush of results.

Monday, 4 August 2014

McBusted at the Fair

It was a day off from their tour and the Mcbusted lads decided to hit the local fair, that had just arrived the same day as they were doing a two day show.

The entered the grounds after paying for wrist band tokens at the old style booth. The lads walked around smiling with excitement at all that they saw. The lads all headed for the helter Skelter first, then moved on to the Hook-a-duck, then the fortune teller. Danny wondered off, on the look out for more fun for the lads to do. He called the lads over on seeing the ghost train ride. "come on lads", "whose up for this he shouted!"

The guys all wondered over, Dougie wasnt keen, "I'll give this one a miss, if you dont mind" replied Dougie. "What?" replied Matt, are you scaaareeed,?" asked Matt in somewhat terrifying noise. "No, Just not keen!" exclaimed Dougie, "plus i can photo you on the way out, with a picture of horror on your faces!" "Me too!" replied Harry! Tom second that, we'll look for something for us later.

Danny Matt, James climbed the steps to the ride where the ride operator was waiting. James pointed to a sign near the doors. It read-: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. Then a list below of Do's and Dont's-: 


Matt questioned the ride operator. "yeah!", said the guy, "You may get a little messy!" "The Ghouls, Ghosts etc, love to play tricks on visitors"!

The guys each asked for a poncho each, and removed their footwear, and each stepped barefoot into the cart. The ride operator pull the electric leaver down and as the cart moved along the track through the doors and into the darkness, the creepy ride guy said in a sinister voice "ENJOY!" and scream a loud laugh.

The cart thundered down the track to a graveyard scene, where tombstones stood and a creepy old tree. One of the tombs began to lower, and a zombie looking corpe's sat up, it screamed at the guys looking on, then gave a violent spewing of multi-coloured gunge from its mouth, flying into the guys hair and faces and cascading down their chests.

The cart the jolted to move further on. The guys looked at each other wiping the goo of themselves, as best the could laughing at each other if fear and excitement! The cart moved into another scene, this time a guillotine stand high on a platform, spectators stood in gathering, the guys looked on at a head in the contraption, and as the blade dropped the head fell down and into a channel into the top of the guys cart, with it slimey red looking blood flowed with it. 

The cart moved on, and as it did so, the guys were laughing and having fun pushing the head from the guillotine prank with their messy covered feet to each other in the cart, like playing seated football. The next scene was based in a forest, when a coven of witches stood round a bubbling cauldron, the guys watched as the witches poured ingredients into the pot. Matt moved and said to the guys that he knew what was gonna happen, as he spoke a witch turned and looked at the guys, she shreeked with a loud scream, the other witches turn to looked, and the cauldron pot fell from its stand and green slime fired in the guys direction covering them with the thick lumpy goo. 

Finally as the cart moved on for the final time the guys tried wiping away what they had just been covered in. A loud thud came and the rides doors pushed open into the outside world, and stood looking on was the paperazzi of Dougie, Harry and Tom taking photos on their phones.

Matt, Danny and James caught up with the other three lads later, after cleaning up. They were all lively discussing what happened as they walked on. Matt shouted to Dougie "Ay, Mate, have you seen that... archimedes bath!" That u'd be a good one for you to try out dougie, your always in the bath at every chance. The lads walked over...

Below the big sign two harnesses where attached, and below that, two giant baths with covers over, and a sign further below saying TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE AGAINST A MATE! Dougie didnt look too keen, "Come on, and Tom's a guy who knows everything too, play against him!" The woman operating the game smiled at them both, and happily said, "Come on, its a bit of fun!" "Come up here both of you, both come and stand on the bath tops!" Tom stepped up, Dougie still stayed put. "Come on!" shouted Tom, "It just looks like we'll have to each have to answer some questions, and the loser gets dunked in the bath of water below!" The woman smiled and nodded in agreement with Tom.

Dougie smiled at the woman and stepped up onto the opposite bath top. "Ok!" she explained, "Just remove your shoes and socks!" "Dont want them getting wet!" she giggled. and as they did so two solid looking guys walked up, moved Tom and Dougies footwear to one side, and began strapping each of the guys into the harnesses. As the guys were lifted up, the bath tops were slowly removed too. Both Tom and Dougie looked down in horror at their fate that awaited them.

The harnesses were then slightly lowered and the guys feet hovered just about there fate. Tom swore out. The other watching called and asked what was in the bath. Tom called out "manure" his toes just touching the top of the soft brown mess below. "Whats yours Dougie?" Dougie lightly smlied, and said "Beans, Baked Beans!" "Your alright then!" shouted Tom! "You've always been wanting to sit in a bath of beans, for as long as i've known you!" "Not like me, whose fate hovers above cow, pig and horse Shite!"

The all laughed! The woman began asking each of the guys questions, Both got the first ones right. The second set of questions Dougie got wrong, but Tom got right. The third and final set Tom got wrong and Dougie got right. The woman announced a draw! She screamed out with laughter "Boys, your both getting a bath!" The harnesses dropped, and the lads sank in! Tom Sank in slower than Dougie, and enjoying it even less. Dougie dropped in fast but his head soon popped up, with a smile covered with bean juice!

Once more after Dougie and Tom also got cleaned up, The Mcbusted gang met back up! "God Tom!" Danny said... "haven't you put your socks on yet?" "Your feet stinks auh shite!" "Anyway, just gotta find something messy for our Harry to Do!"  
"No!", smiled think i'll stay clean!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Blog up for grabs...

Have posted some stories people sent in as don't want their efforts to go to waste (have scheduled stories for the next couple of weeks - they'll be posted automatically so look out for them).

I'm so ridiculously busy at the moment and can't look after the blog full-time so if anyone fancies taking over the reins and keeping this fab blog going, then email and I'll give you all the login details etc. Hopefully someone can keep it going.

If not, keep posting in the comments sections etc. if you have stories and the community can still keep going. Hopefully when the admins are less busy they can come back and bring the blog back.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Update - RESULTS!

Please Vote for the next awards show here

MEANWHILE - The Results of the One Direction poll are in, Very close in some of them, thanks to everyone who voted. The Story will be written by me this week. Hopefully out on Saturday -Monday. Will keep you updated.

Results In by Order of the Story

Louis - Singing Award
Niall - Dumb Award
Harry - Best Hair Award
Zayn - Mirror Mirror Award
Harry and Zayn - Vanity Award (Both will Get Gunged)
Zayn - Best Body Award
Liam  - Strongest Award
Niall - Weakest Award
Harry - Hot stuff Award
Zayn - Little Brat Award
Harry and Zayn - MEGA gunging 

Plus a Surprise for Niall (Extra mess and Humiliation) and Louis (Trapped in a booth and repeatedly Gunged)

I Can't wait to write this story. Poor One Direction (Especially Zayn and Harry) hahaha :)

This is What One Direction Will be wearing

See poll final results here -

Friday, 6 June 2014

Story - The Grudge Match - Sport Relief - Part 2

 Sorry About the Lack of Updates, been very busy over the last month. Will be fully on over the next few months hopefully, back with new stories starting with this one. Continuing the Sam Strike vs Jamie Borthwick Rivalry. This Stiry is split up into 2 parts - PART 1 BELOW!

In the weeks after the GYOB show; Sam had paraded his win all over Eastenders. He put screen grabs of Jamie covered in gunge in the GYOB dunk tank all over the set, sticking it to Jamie’s dressing room door, putting them up on walls all around Walford. He was really rubbing his victory in Jamie’s face every chance he got. A lot of the cast, especially the women wanted to see vain Sam get gunked but to their annoyance he didn’t and worst of all, they had to put up with his cocky arrogant persona that was now dialled to 11. Sam was unbearable; they felt a lot of sympathy for Jamie.

Sam and Jamie were good friends until the gunging, now with Sam’s cockiness things were turning ugly; the rest of the cast saw the two lads squabbling, with Jamie becoming short tempered and Sam always joking and laughing at Jamie’s expense.

Sam had heard about another new show called “The Grudge Match” which gave celebs the chance to battle each other over a series of challenges with messy consequences for the loser. Sam enjoyed seeing Jamie get messy the first time and thought this was a perfect chance to see him humiliated again. Jamie agreed to the show as he wanted to wipe that smirk off Sam’s face for good and get his revenge.

It was the night of the show; backstage both met the presenter Holly Willoughby who was looking forward to seeing these two battle it out. She’s a fan of Eastenders and had a little crush on Sam Strike’s Character. Sam spent a long time chatting to her, looking as if he was flitting with her from Jamie’s eyes.

Jamie and Sam both were polite to each other back stage, respectful that they didn’t want to make a scene however Sam did put in a few snide comments whenever they were alone.  Jamie didn’t rise to his taunts but we all know this wouldn’t last long when the show got under way.

Holly introduced the show and both of the lads.  Both came strutting out looking confident and determined, Both wearing Sleeveless t-shirts and shorts, both looked so good thought Holly, shame those beautiful toned bodies and stylish hair were gonna get thrashed.

The first challenge was all too familiar for Sam and Jamie as it was a replica of the Sport Relief obstacle course challenge they had participated in for charity a few weeks ago. Sam had been gutted that Jamie had come out on top during that challenge and, whilst their competitiveness had been good-natured back then, now their rivalry was so great that both were determined to win. Sam wanted to get his revenge for Jamie showing him up and Jamie was eager for revenge for ending up in the GYOB gunk tank a couple of weeks ago. Flexing their muscles, they swaggered up to the pool.

But although it was a replica, not everything was exactly the same...
Whereas for Sport Relief, the inflatable obstacle course had been floating on a sparkling pool of water, this time it sat in a pool of gallons of fetid gunge. The gunk was a murky green colour, similar to the Get Your Own Back gunge had been but slightly more rancid and it ponged quite a bit too. It did not look appetising at all.

The rest of the inflatable structure looked the same and, yet again, there was to be a race to the finish, though it looked particularly unstable. Holly explained that falling into the gloop meant automatically losing and there would be an extra punishment for the loser.

‘Ready to get messy again’ Sam cockily smirked at Jamie, who just laughed.

‘Let’s just remember who won this last time, shall we?’ replied Jamie, who was feeling incredibly confident.

Sam was also very cocksure. Since his humiliating defeat, he had been pumping irons in the gym every day and certainly looked a bit more bulked up – he was determined to redeem himself after last time.

To everyone else, it looked like good natured banter but there was an underlying tension as the two young actors lined up for the race. Their friendship hadn’t been the same since their intense rivalry on Get Your Own Back and their cockiness during the challenges today was only going to drive them further apart. Holly was the fierce looks that both were giving each other, she knew the history of the GYOB show but didn’t know about the cockiness of each of them, especially Sam.

She, like everyone else, is about to find out that this rivalry is gonna get intense and ugly. Everyone is going to enjoy seeing all of it unfold apart from the two heartthrobs at the centre of it.

Poised and ready at the beginning of the obstacle course, their tight butts bobbed in the air – Sam in blue and Jamie in red. Sam in particular wiggled his bum for the audience, delightedly smiling at the wolf-whistles he received.

A whistle sounded and the lads leapt into action, with Jamie leaping out in front and sprawling onto the inflatable course. Sam followed behind him, although the two heartthrobs struggled to balance as the unstable course wobbled this way and that. Sam found himself grabbing hold of the course for dear life, whilst Jamie was more agile and continued going. Knowing he had to let go if he had any chance of succeeding, Sam took a chance and leapt forward, only just managing to stay on. Determined, he glared at Jamie and gave chase.

Jamie looked behind him and smirked – Sam had foolishly clung on for too long and there was no way he would catch up with him now.

‘I’d get a refund from the gym mate!’ Jamie called back. Sam’s eyes narrowed and he sped up, really going for it. He couldn’t afford to get messy as he knew he would not handle it well.

However, Jamie should have known by now that assuming victory too early was a fatal mistake and karma was about to teach him another lesson. Because Sam was moving so frantically to try and catch up, the inflatable course was shaking more wildly than ever. Agile Jamie had so far managed to keep his balance with ease, but that changed as he reached the end section of the course, where he had to climb up a large ramp.

He hesitated for a moment but then took his chance and climbed up, just as Sam thudded onto an earlier section of the course. The whole structure wobbled like crazy. Unfortunately for Jamie, he was right on top of the ramp when it did and he was flung off, sent sprawling about a metre to the left into the murky gloop.

Everything had happened so quickly that it was only when Jamie hit the slop with a loud splash that he had any idea what had gone on. Sam was equally surprised to look up to see his friend plunge into the gunge. For the second time in about a month, Jamie was completely submerged in murky slime. It was incredibly thick and so caked his body, clinging to his tight clothes and fully encasing him. His ginger hair was lost and could only let out muffled cries of disgust as he splashed about.

‘You bastard! You did that on purpose!’ he furiously yelled at Sam, who was falling about laughing. Jamie was wrong – it had been a complete accident but Sam’s cockiness told Jamie otherwise. With gunge in every crevice, a livid Jamie swum to the edge of the pool and clambered out, now little more than gloopy blob.

Holly reminded Jamie not to swear on television but Jamie just ignored her as he wiped his fuming face with a towel. He could not take his eyes off Sam as he returned to dry land completely pristine. Even his hair looked perfect still, a million miles away from Jamie’s dirt-encrusted ginger locks.

‘There should be rematch!’ Jamie demanded.

‘I’m sorry Jamie, Sam won fair and square,’ said Holly.

‘Yeah Jamie, I won fair and square!’ sneered Sam, loving the fact he had managed to get one over on his mate yet again.

‘Now there’s just the small matter of your punishment...’ Holly said. Jamie’s eyes widened in horror – he had thought the gunging would be the punishment! Before he could protest, he was bundled into a set of stocks and a trolley with 10 cream pies was wheeled on. The Holly explained that it was just going to be 5, but due to Jamie’s earlier foul-mouthed antics, they had decided to double it to teach him a lesson.

Even worse, Sam would be doing the honours. Sam couldn’t believe it! This was perfect! Jamie was entirely at his mercy and Sam took great delight in dragging his punishment out. He comically slapped the first cream pie into Jamie’s arse, the next was rubbed over Jamie’s toned chest whilst another was dropped down his back, exploding all over it and causing Jamie to grimace. The final seven were all used as part of an onslaught on Jamie’s face.

‘Let’s face it buddy,’ Sam said. ‘Nobody really wants to see your ugly mug!’

He crashed two cream pies like a sandwich into the side of Jamie’s face and then dumped two more onto the top of his head like a hat, adding cream and pie crust to the plateau of gunk that was Jamie’s hair.

Two more slammed square into Jamie angry face. For the final pie, Sam did a comedy fall, looking as if he was going to accidentally ram the pie into his own face, but it was all just a joke to show Jamie he was untouchable and of course the cream pie was splattered into Jamie’s un-amused face.

Jamie was released from the stocks as Holly introduced the second sporting challenge “The Penalty Shootout” and explained the rules; each takes a penalty against the other. First person to score 3 wins, loser has a hose down.

Jamie was completely covered, He was able to wipe a bit of gunge off his face and hands but still looked a mess. He thought a hose down is what he needed right now, but didn’t want to lose another challenge to his rivalry. Knowing that whoever loses the most challenges at the end of the show gets a final punishment, he didn’t want to be anywhere near that. Jamie was determined to wipe the constant smirk off Sam pretty little face.
Sam, on the other hand, was so full of himself, thinking he was on top of the world. He had seen Jamie gunged twice now and he loved it. He was enjoying this way too much, making Jamie suffer, he was going to win this challenge and the next, all of them in fact, gunging and humiliating Jamie along the way. This is the life he thought.

Sam, who won the previous challenge, went first. He stood up to take his penalty and easily slotting it pasted Jamie in the goal, 1-0. He celebrated right in front of Jamie, cheering and clenching his fist, really rubbing it in. Holly was getting annoyed at Sam now; she liked him at first but quickly changed her mind.

Jamie stood up next to take his first penalty but unfortunately it went right over the bar, Sam laughed, jumping up in the air. The next two penalties were scored by each of them; meaning if Sam scored his next one, he wins. Sam brimming with confidence stepped up and scored. He won again to his delight and to Jamie, Holly and for that matter most people in the studio audience’s disgust.

Jamie was told to stay in the goal as Holly grudgingly gave Sam the hose. It wasn’t too bad thought Jamie; at least he was going to be cleaned off with some water. But unfortunately for him, the hose wasn’t full of water, it was full of mud. He was about to get a huge shock.

Jamie gets hit with some force it pushes him right into the goal post, mud coated him in seconds. Jamie slipped over from the tirade of mud coming at him, Sam could have took sympathy seeing his rivalry on the ground, but it was the reverse, the deluge continued as Sam took a step forward targeting his once good friend who was now a heap of slop. Sam just got ever closer which meant the strength of the hose increase on poor Jamie so much so he was struggling to breath. Sam just continued to laugh. Holly couldn’t take watching poor defenceless Jamie and the deluge of mud anymore; she intervened by order Sam to switch the hose off.

Sam did as he was told, still laughing at a sodden gooey Jamie who got to his feet. Holly checked to see if he was okay while Sam just shrugged saying “Right, on with the next challenge”

PART 2 will see Sam finally GET IT!